Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When Egyptians Search for Doctors?

Well, with the launch of the new Ekshef, we wanted to know when exactly Egyptians look for doctors online, so we decided to play with our Google Analytics to try to find out.

Disclaimer: We are not data scientists or statisticians, so if you find the way a bit flawed feel free to help us on how to make it better.

What we did is we pulled traffic data on Ekshef website for 3 months starting from the 25th of August till the 25th of November, the data represents the unique site visitors for each day.

Google Analytics exported the table below with 3 columns (Day Index, Visits, Unique Visitors)

Then using Excel PowerPivot, we summarized the table above by adding the number of unique visitors for each day of the week, to get a somehow aggregated view of each day of the week during the 3 months, we plotted the data on a histogram and we got the chart:

For us, it wasn't very surprising, Egyptians search for a doctor the most on Sundays, then Mondays. What was a bit surprising is the fact that Saturday -the first day of the week for doctors- was the third, and of course no surprise the traffic dropped significantly on Thursday and Friday because there are no clinics available.

We didn't stop there, we wanted to know when during the day Egyptians start searching for doctor information, so we pulled the daily traffic for the same 3 months, but this time the data was split by hour so we can get a view of Ekshef traffic during each hour of the day. I aggregated the numbers again using PowerPivot and plotted the result on the chart below.

I personally didn't have any expectations for this chart because it is the first time I think about it, yet the results make sense to me. The peak is at 3PM which if we relate to the majority of Ekshef's visitors who are between 25 - 30 years old so they fall in the working professionals class, so 3 PM is a logical time to search for doctors to visit after work, or even after the people going with the us to the doctor is free. Yet if we look at the hours, 3, 7, 6, 2, 4, 1, 5PM, which means between 1 - 7PM. Expect many people are searching for doctors and their info. Add this to Saturday, Sunday and Monday from the previous chart. Egyptians search for doctors the most on Sunday, Monday, and Saturday between 1:00PM -7:00PM. Bingo!

The post ends here, but the analysis will stay. If you liked the post please help us by sharing it to your circles, and if you can support us by any suggestions or how to do deeper analysis, don't hesitate to talk to us on We will keep analyzing the data, to understand more about the Egyptian behavior in dealing with health and doctors.

Until next time...
Ekshef Team


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