Friday, March 9, 2012

What’s going on?

Through the past period, many of you read the news about our graduation from Flat 6 Labs, & many of you read & saw the stuff published on the internet and broadcasted on TV about Ekshef.

So the question that’s being asked by many people. What’s going on? I will answer this question in few points here & by the end of the post I will announce for something, & ask you for few things if you don’t mind.

  • Product: Almost finished, very little tweaks are happening now to meet your expectations.
    • We will change the photo in the landing page.
    • The registration will be after selecting the appointment not before the search (Basically it is like this because it’s still a closed beta, not public).
    • We promise to make the website more descriptive and understandable.
  • Team: Currently we are six team members, two of them are in the army. (We will publish bios of the team members soon).
  • Sales: We are hiring a sales person to start getting the doctors on board, if you know a good sales person please recommend to us.
  • Investments: We are looking for a partner who can finance us to continue working on our road map, & who can also add value to the company through his help, expertise, & connections.
  • Partnerships: We are working with one of the biggest insurance companies in Egypt to launch a pilot program with them in which they will push Ekshef to doctors in their network. It is intended to test how Ekshef will benefit insurance companies, doctors, & people covered by insurance.

What am I asking for?

I am asking for your help, I want you to register now, test the website, & give us your feedback because it’s very important for us to keep moving forward.

I am asking you to spread the word, we need as much people as possible to know & try Ekshef & send us their feedback. Everyone of us has his network of people that if he/she utilized it, it will make a huge impact.

If you are a doctor, it would be our pleasure to give you & your friends invitations to test Ekshef. Just drop us a message.

Finally I am announcing that we will publish 10 blog posts in the next 10 weeks that will cover different aspects of our startup, we hope you enjoy them & find them useful. Stay tuned.

Wish us luck, & spread the word. We believe in your powers.

Mostafa Nageeb

Ekshefian !

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