Monday, October 24, 2011

Try Ekshef – جرب اكشف

Ekshef is now conducting solution interviews to test the demo the team has developed so far.

If you are a doctor and would like to test our solution to the problem of getting more patients, send an email to to schedule an appointment for testing. This testing is free and will be at your clinic with the aim of getting your feedback about what has been developed so far.

اكشف الآن يجرى مقابلات مع الأطباء لتجربة النموذج الذى تم تطويره حتى الآن.

لو كنت طبيب وتحب أن تجرب اكشف برجاء إرسال إيميل إلى

هذا الإختبار مجانى وسيكون فى عيادتك والهدف منه معرفة رأيك فى ما تم تنفيذه حتى الآن




  1. enta price
    rbna ywf2koo bas lo el marda yst3mlo now wala lsa wala eh el kalam

  2. i really need to know more info
    How can i participate and try it???

  3. Dr.Basma
    We Replied to your email. Kindly check it.