Monday, October 24, 2011

Try Ekshef – جرب اكشف

Ekshef is now conducting solution interviews to test the demo the team has developed so far.

If you are a doctor and would like to test our solution to the problem of getting more patients, send an email to to schedule an appointment for testing. This testing is free and will be at your clinic with the aim of getting your feedback about what has been developed so far.

اكشف الآن يجرى مقابلات مع الأطباء لتجربة النموذج الذى تم تطويره حتى الآن.

لو كنت طبيب وتحب أن تجرب اكشف برجاء إرسال إيميل إلى

هذا الإختبار مجانى وسيكون فى عيادتك والهدف منه معرفة رأيك فى ما تم تنفيذه حتى الآن



Friday, October 14, 2011

Ekshef partnership with Flat6Labs

We are excited to announce the first partnership today between Ekshef founders and Flat6Labs, the Sawari ventures startup accelerator based in Cairo. Through this partnership we will be participating in an intensive three months acceleration program with Flat6Labs, Sawari Ventures, and the American University in Cairo where we will release the first versions of Ekshef for our customers.
There is also mentorship for the team by executives from the top of the industry who will guide the team during the acceleration period.

Mostafa Nageeb the Co-founder said: “The Eskhef - Flat6labs partnership will be a great opportunity for us, the intense and benefits of the program with our passion to solve the doctors and patients problems will drive us forward to build a great product for great customers and users”

Nouran Raouf the female entrepreneur and a Co-founder of the Ekshef team said about the partnership: “A great opportunity not only for the great mentors whom their experience will integrate with our enthusiasm and will help us deliver a better solution but also the atmosphere where you see other three startups growing up next to you is very energetic and inspiring”
From the left Mostafa Nageb with Hany Al Sonbaty the Managing Director of Sawari Ventures signing the terms sheet.
Photo for press release
From the left: Ahmed Abdelhay, Mohamed Hendawy, Nouran Raouf, Mostafa Nageeb (On the Chair), Hany Al Sonbaty, Amr Samir, and Ramez Mohamed (CEO of Flat6Labs)